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Moebius ~ Tron concept art

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Anna Dittmann is a 21 year old German-American artist from California. Her love of art-making began when she was just a child, with paintings on her bedroom walls. She started to take art more seriously when she discovered Photoshop in her early teens, and since then her paintings have evolved to become the dreamy, textural, and organic creations she makes today. When asked what inspired her to start making art, Anna said:

“I love art. I love creating it, I love looking at it, I love getting excited over a project. I love getting any sort of response, I love the rush when something’s going well, and the frustration when I’ve been working for hours and have nothing to show for it. I love the thrill when I find an artwork that’s beautiful and overwhelming and turns that frustration into inspiration. My personal inspiration comes from organic natural elements, mythology and history, movement and texture, lyrics and melodies, expressions, color variations, pretty much anything which makes me want to grab my tablet and paint.”

Some of Anna’s favorite artists include Alfonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, and John S. Sargent.


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Creative Chocolate Skulls by Ruth and Sira Garcia

Ruth and Sira Garcia are two talented spanish artists : here, they interpret the vanitas in the form of a chocolate. With great attention to detail and a vivid imagination, the two artists had the good idea to associate the shape of the brain to walnut or gelled blackberry shapes.



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